Hey guys your going to need a pair of 3d glasses to view all these cool 3d movies so I decided to make a quick and guide to save money.

The LG 3D glasses gives owners of a 3D television a new way to experience watching their films. If you enjoy regularly watching 3D movies or playing 3D games, this product is for you. These glasses allow you to get closer to the action. Whether you enjoy watching movies, video games, or sports, the LG 3D glasses can help you feel more connected to the action in front of you from the comfort of your own living room.
The quality of these glasses is one thing that makes it stand out above the rest. The glasses are better quality than the $5 passive glasses that are available for purchase and are more superior than the glasses at the movie theater. The glasses are also more comfortable than the passive glasses or movie theater glasses because they are able to contour to the shape of your head and face. The cheaper glasses are flat on the side and front, making them less comfortable. They are also battery-free and lightweight.
The price of these glasses are relatively inexpensive for the quality offered. You can choose to purchase them individually, or you can opt to purchase them within a pack. If you choose the pack option, you will be able to purchase a pack that comes with six glasses. If you choose to purchase on Amazon, you can buy the six pack of glasses for $44.99. The original cost is $119.99. If you choose to purchase an individual pair of glasses, the original price is close to $20, while the price on Amazon is approximately $7.50. LG 3D glasses for kids are a good deal too.
Whether you love to watch movies or are an avid sports fan, LG 3D glasses can help you feel more connected to the program you are watching. The glasses are high quality and are offered at a reasonable price. If you are looking for a way to enhance your watching experience, the LG 3D glasses are very beneficial.

Hi Guys while browsing around youtube I found a bunch of cool roofing services in SE Michigan area. There are so many roofers out in this area it’s hard to pick them apart. this one company standed out to me big time. They did a whole entire video marketing campaign. You can view a few videos here or see if they service your area.

Roof repair service by cities in MI

Dumspter Rental Videos in Michgian

netflix 3d

I’m happy to report, yes netflix does carry 3d videos. It actually has a very large selection of 3d titles with excellent pop out effects. Most titles or even all aren’t major blockbuster hits but they still are fun to watch as things come to life and pop out your tv. I found a list of 3d movies on netflix here. This site is pretty good at updating for some reason many of the imax movies have been removed which is a bummer since those are the best. If you don’t have netflix you can find the best 3d movies on blu ray here. This list doesn’t necessarily list the best story written movies but just the ones that have great 3d effects. But if back to what netflix has to offer you.

There pretty good at updating their movie titles and right now one of the best titles